Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

"Keeler is definitely my dealer" - Cheryl R.

The art of letter writing isn't dead; I actually hand wrote this letter on lovely stationery, only to discover that I may be the only one who can actually read my handwriting. I therefore decided to type my note, but my thoughts are heartfelt and sincere.

In the year 2001 you helped me buy a new Mercedes E320 wagon which I adored. I was devastated when it was totalled in a car accident in February 2009, convinced the occupants could have been badly hurt if we were not in such a safe vehicle. I invested the insurance money in another safe car, a used Volvo S60 that I also loved.

Last week I needed to trade my Volve for a car with a more spacious interior, so my elderly and disabled mother could be comfortable in the front passenger seat. I visited Keeler Honda after making contact through a website and saw some pre-owned Hondas and a Jaguar (that's gorgeous!). I had to quickly leave to see my mother downstate but knew I'd be back.

Upon my return to the capital district I again visited Keeler, this time discovering your pre-owned center and meeting with a great guy named Billy Martin (not related to THE Billy Martin, a New York Yankees player). He showed me a 2008 VW Jetta and although it didn't drive like a Jag (what would?) it had a charm of its own, with sporty handling and a distinctively comfortable interior. I want to thank you, Don and Billy for making last week's purchase of this good looking car such a pleasure. Billy is a very caring and sincere sales representative, truly an asset to the Keeler company; I want to also mention Chris DaPieri (I'm unsure of the spelling of his last name), who provided me with information about extended warranties in a sane way (so I could understand it!).

Keeler is definitely my dealer and Sandy Keeler is lucky to have you, Don, Billy and the others who make up Keeler Motor Car Company.

"Your attitude and energy made this whole process and absolute pleasure" - Christina F.

I want to thank Scott Schiff for finding me the car that fit my needs & price point perfectly! He made this process so incredibly easy for me. His dealership is out near Albany but I LITERALLY did not have to leave my home - he brought the car to my home to test dive, let me think on it and gave me truly incredible customer support, patience and handholding (which I need! Car shopping makes me anxious!) Apparently, Scott does this door to door service for anyone in the Berkshires…. Incredible. If you are looking for a car, this is your man! (his email: sschiff@keeler.com)

Today I was 1 1/2 months shy of the 9 yr anniversary of buying my old car... Sasha was only 1 month old! I was lugging her around in her blanket covered car seat, looking through the lots of the dealership in weather that was well below freezing. All Mom's know that this hurts! This is how Moms get tennis elbow, which I proceeded to get soon after...

That car had seen me through a lot, and it was time for it to go! One of the main points I wanted in the new car is it be one that could potentially last me another another 10 yrs, Sasha should be finishing up High School by then!!! *Gulp*

Scott, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I am so happy with the car, and so grateful for your help and support. Your attitude and energy made this whole process and absolute pleasure. You better still be selling cars in 10 years!